What Does A Concrete Contractor Do?

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A concrete contractor builds structures from concrete. A contractor commonly conducts and manages multiple steps required in a project, including blending the appropriate amount and type of concrete components for the project.  A concrete or cement mixture is poured at some point to create either a framework or an actual structure. The process requires appropriate supervision to ensure the correct components are used and the project is done according to best practices.

Typical projects include the installation of concrete or asphalt structures. For example, such as the installation of a driveway or sidewalk for residential or commercial uses. A project can also involve the repair of an existing structure.  Using the above example, this would include projects such as the repairing or repaving of sidewalks and driveways damaged due to cold weather, load or other factors.   

To adequately determine what a job requires, a contractor will require a physical inspection and examination to determine the scope of the project, the time and duration of any potential work, the cost and expense of any materials and labor, along any other conditions that may impact the project. 

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